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wishlist request

Postby alyosha on July 11th, 2008, 5:27 pm

I'm using YPOPS as an intermediary between my own home grown .NET mail client program and Yahoo. I'm only using the SMTP side of the gateway, and don't care at all about the POP3 side. I have a number of automated processes running at home, and the goal is for them to email me their status at my yahoo account so I can monitor them away from home. I finally got this scheme to work after considerable fiddling around (long story).

One of the things Yahoo does and which YPOPS supports, is putting up a robot-defeating logon screen, requiring a human user to key in the letters contained therein. My goal is to use my .NET mail client + YPOPS in a completely automated fashion (no human will available to key anything in). I realize the shakey nature of YPOPS and its relationship to the ever-changing world of Yahoo, and can accept this until I can craft a better solution. In the meantime (here's my wish), it would be great if there were an option to turn off this robot defeating logon screen - I realize you can't change Yahoo, but in my scenario, I'd rather have YPOPS throw an error then present me with this logon screen. A simple checkbox on the configuration screen would do.

Thanks so much for this labor of love (or something or other).

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