Limiting YPOPs access to some IDs?

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Limiting YPOPs access to some IDs?

Postby tesna on December 19th, 2008, 1:33 am


I've sucessfully instaledl YPOPs to my VPS running ubuntu linux. Then I configure gmail to fetch all my yahoo emails from the VPS and configure the desktop client to fetch emails from google server.

So far its working fine. But there is a little problem that concerns me. Since I put ypops daemon listening public IP I'm afraid that anyone can use my ypops service to download their emails.

Is there any way to limit it to several yahoo IDs? I tried to use IP tables to limit the allowed IPs connecting to the ypops daemon but I don't know the IP range google use to access the pop server.

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Re: Limiting YPOPs access to some IDs?

Postby gjdunga on December 19th, 2008, 10:25 am

If I'm understanding this correctly..

You have a linux box inside your firewalled network that is hosting your ypop proxy..
Then you should be fine, as your not allowing access from the outside to see your ypops proxy anyway.. Right?

However, if your ypops is on the same machine as the firewall, then set your firewall to only allow access to port XXX/XXXX (your ypops ports) from your internal network, and then only allow nat transversal for the ypops ports going out.. You would have to VPN as part of your local network to be able to see the ypops proxy.

Is that what you wanted? It also depends on the firewall your using ( if any)

Have you read the FAQ??
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