Having problems with Ypops, Read this Sticky FAQ!!

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Having problems with Ypops, Read this Sticky FAQ!!

Postby muerte33 on November 3rd, 2004, 8:27 pm

Please do NOT post questions against this Thread, OPEN A NEW THREAD!
This FAQ was updated 11/23/2007!

Ypops only works with YAHOO Mail !!!!
If you need a multi-web mail solution get Mr. Postman or Freepops!

POP3 access from Yahoo is < $20 a year which is less than 6 cents/day.
If your email is important, click on the link below and sign up today:

Use Ypops at your own risk!!!!!!!!!!!

Please do NOT post questions here unless you are running the latest version!

Make sure you use as your POP3 and SMTP server address in your email client NOT localhost.

Don Beusee's Site: (latest version usually available here too)

Shane Hird's Site:

Read this entire message before posting to the Ypops Windows forum!

Ypops tries to follow the RFC2449 / RFC821 standards

Known Bugs:
There may be a limit on the number of recipients you can specify on a send (less than Yahoo allows). This has not been verified and no specific bug is identified.

Make sure you can logon and check your mail through the web interface
before blaming Ypops. This can tell you whether you are running classic vs the New Yahoo Mail Interface.

The Search function in this forum works very well!

Have you completely read the ENTIRE instructions on how to use Ypops? with your Email client?
http://ypopsemail.com/modules.php?op=mo ... es&secid=1

Special Notes for Outlook XP/2003
You should NOT use the "Test Account Settings..." button in Oulook XP (aka 2002) & higher. It never seems to work on an account configured for YPops, but things will work just fine with YPops in normal usage.

It is always a good idea to reboot your machine after the install to make
sure Ypops loads correctly from the startup folder.
Look in the tray to make sure the Ypops icon is there before going into
your Email client to check your mail.

Have you read the Ypops FAQ?

Yahoo typically rolls out their changes gradually to the servers so some people will experience problems while others continue to run okay. Posting your Yahoo server number (fxxx) from your login URL might help pinpoint how far along the upgrades have progressed.
Yahoo does not allow us to beta test their new interfaces before release :)

Problems Receiving:
Slow connections can interfere with the ability of Ypops to successfully
download all your messages.

Spyware/Malware/Trojans/Viruses contribute to slow connections:
The following link will help you clean up these problems:
http://forums.anandtech.com/messageview ... re+removal

You should limit your maximum number of emails to download per session to something reasonable like 200 (not 1000).
Try matching this up with the number of messages to display per page in
Yahoo. This will need to be 40 or under for DSL users to avoid Yahoo locking you out of your account (don't know if this is still true or not).

You may have a virus scanning program that is sitting in port 110 or 25.
The following program called TCPVIEW will show you what is in there.
http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysint ... pView.mspx
You may have to move Ypops to another port, just remember to change it in the email client too.

Exploiting the advanced UIDL features of Ypops:
http://ypopsemail.com/index.php?name=PN ... light=uidl
This article will show you how to synch messages that reside on Yahoo with your inbox.

Problems Sending:
You will NOT be able to send messages using Ypops till you turn it ON in the Ypops configuration (Enable SMTP).
The standard port is 25 for SMTP (see TCPview mentioned above for

Notes on file attachments:
There is a limit on the size of attachments you can send with the free
Yahoo account. I think it is around 10mb.

Yahoo will sometimes issue a challenge screen when you try to send an
email. Version .8.3 and above of Ypops will send an intermediate screen containing the graphics characters you must enter to re-enable sending emails through Ypops (thanks DON!).

Try to send from the command line using
a command line program like blat (blat.sourceforge.net)
download here:

Sample Blat command:
blat - -body "This is Fun" -to userid@yahoo.com -subject "Test" -server -f userid@yahoo.com -debug

Substitute your yahoo userid for userid in the above.
You may have to use the -u and -pw options to put your userid and password in. You can add a -attach command to attach a file too.

the -Debug option will show a LOT of info on the send attempt.

Common Outlook Errors:
Set your timeout to more than 5 minutes in your Email Client.
In outlook express this is........
Accounts (select Yahoo)
Move Server timeout slider bar to max (5 minutes)
There is a registry hack to go farther than 5 minutes too.
http://www.ypopsemail.com/modules.php?o ... d_cat=8#q3

In Thunderbird
Click on Tools, Options, Advanced, Config Editor
Scroll till you see:
Where the x above will be a 1,2,etc (depending on how many accts you have setup)
Change the value to 600
Scroll till you find the mail.pop3_response_timeout as above and update it too
Restart Thunderbird

The line length of your client should be less than the line length in the
Yahoo web client (see Mail Options in the Yahoo interface).

Error: 0x800CCC0F - Error:Your server has unexpectedly terminated the
connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network
problems, or a long period of inactivity. Account: 'myname', Server:
'localhost', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number:

Check your ports, firewall, server addresses and that YPops is actually
running. Try using instead of localhost.

Error: 0x800CCC7D - Disable SSL for your e-mail accounts.

Freefall322 contributed the following PPPoE MTU settings (DSL people)...
Setting MTU=1492 decimal in the Windows 2000 registry.

The registry location is [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces\{A74051D1-0C0C-469F-A485-F4734DA9EAF7}]MTU
"MTU"=dword:000005c0 (this is where it was for freefall322).

Setting MTU=1492 decimal also fixes "Hotmail popper" (another pop emulator for webmail) and also solves a problem with downloading windows updates from the micro$oft windows update web page.

Freefall322 thinks this issue is related solely to the DSL/PPPoE connection, and is unrelated to the platform (i.e. Windows, Linux, MAC, etc.) or the mail client. Freefall322 suspects all DSL PPPoE users may have an issue with this someday. PPPoE seems to need 8 bytes for overhead, so the standard MTU setting of 1500 byte is too large, it must be reduced to 1500-8=1492 or less.
-------------end freefall322 notes----------------

Diagnosing Problems:
If you have made it this far and are still having problems.........
Start simple, don't try to check 50 yahoo addresses at once,
downloading 1000 messages from each. Turn off any software firewalls like ZoneAlarm, and any mail filtering tools like SpamPal, Mailwasher, etc. Just get a basic YP setup working first, then add all the bells/whistles.

Provide a brief description of your problem, and attach your Ypops.log file in advanced mode with links to any pages that may be relevant. The Ypops.log file is located at
c:\program files\ypops\ypops.log
If you installed Ypops to another directory, you will have to search for
the log file. Make sure the logging mode is Advanced, and that you INCLUDE THE SETTINGS IN THE LOG.
To turn on advanced logging, double click on the Ypops Icon in the tray,
then, Activity Log.
Make sure "Create an Activity Log" is checked, and "Advanced Logs" is
selected under Logging Levels.
After you get this done (and have checked it TWICE), kill Ypops by right
clicking on the icon in the tray, then left click
on exit. Next fire up Ypops and try to check your mail. You should now
have your settings and an advanced
log for us to look at. Just open the file with notepad and cut/paste it
into your post. Please only post relevant details, and change your
email address to something like userid@yahoo.com.

Please only post the TEXT version of the log file instead of these code/image files that cause wide posts which require sideways scrolling

Good antispam program for Outlook/Outlook Express is Spamfighter

Don't want Ypops running all the time (want it to run ON DEMAND)
Save the following as yp.vbs and put an icon on your desktop:
This will fire up Ypops, then Outlook Express and upon closing Outlook Express it kills Ypops.

Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
objShell.CurrentDirectory = "C:\Progra~1\YPOPs\"
objShell.run """C:\Program Files\YPoPs\ypops.exe""/SILENT",0
objShell.run """C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe""",3,true
iReturn = objShell.Run("cmd /c start C:\Progra~1\YPOPs\ypops.exe /QUIT",0)

If Ypops does not work out for you, try another freeware alternative
called freepops on Sourceforge:
Try MrPostman at:
http://mrpostman.sourceforge.net/ (Can now send text Emails)

Wish List

Allow different users on the same PC to have different Ypops options.
Change Ypops to work with Windows Telnet for debugging purposes.

Yahoo Mail Tech Support
http://add.yahoo.com/fast/help/us/edit/ ... D13%2Ehtml

Good Luck and God Bless!

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